Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Extract Review

Physicians Choice Organic Ashwagandha Supplement

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90 capsules / 1950 mg per 3 servings


Stress and anxiety relief, adrenal support, thyroid support.




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There are many things that we can do over the course of our lives to improve our health, and some take it upon themselves as a responsibility to ensure that they live as healthy as possible. 

Regardless of the extent that you take healthy living to, you'll find that supplements can be a crucial part of keeping your body in the right condition.

Of course, there are many different kinds of supplements, ranging from simple vitamin tablets to protein supplements that you can take before working out. Today, we’re going to be covering the Physician’s Choice ashwagandha supplements, which are made out of the ashwagandha root, also known as Indian ginseng.

This species of plant has been used as a medicinal herb in traditional medicine in India for quite some time, and using its supplements can have several positive effects. For instance, ashwagandha extract will be able to reduce your stress levels and improve your blood pressure so that you can live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, ashwagandha will also be able to provide glandular support, resulting in healthier hormone production and countless other benefits. Before we get to our review, we’re going to go over two aspects that you should try and search for in the best ashwagandha supplements.


The first thing you’re going to need to consider when you buy ashwagandha supplements is the concentration of the plant. Depending on the supplement that, you may have to take four pills to get the same benefits as you would from a single capsule from another brand.

The potency of your ashwagandha will depend on several factors;

1) The net weight in milligrams of ashwagandha per serving. In this case Physician's Choice uses 1950mgs. 

2) The amount of Withanolides per serving, which for Physician's Choice is 4%. 

3) The delivery method and absoprtion. Physician's Choice includes 15mgs of black pepper and uses patented  PlantCaps® from Capsulgel® to assist in absorption and meet organic standards. 

People who suffer from more acute anxiety will typically need to take larger doses of ashwagandha for it to have a meaningful effect on how they feel. This is where a product like Physician's Choice can help.

Number of Capsules

Beyond the potency, you’re also going to want to look at how many ashwagandha capsules you’ll be getting with your purchase. Many retailers like to overcharge for a smaller number of low-potency ashwagandha tablets, and they take advantage of people who have never used the supplement before.

In the end, the price of your ashwagandha supplement is going to depend on the amount of the root that you get, and this will be determined by the number and potency of the capsules.

However, if you buy more at once, you’ll also be more likely to get a better deal for a bulk purchase. If you’re trying out a new brand for the first time, don’t buy too much, because you’ll be stuck with the supplements if they end up being duds.

The Product


The ashwagandha supplement from Physician’s Choice is hands down one of the best ashwagandha supplements on the market. They offer improved potency and purity with patented PlantCaps® from Capsulgel®, pure organic ashwagandha root without any fillers, stems or leaves. Many other capsules are made from gelatin, a biproduct of cow and are filled with leaves and stems which dilute the potency of the withanolides. 


When it comes to finding the right ashwagandha product, you need to factor in potency, purity, withanolides and sourcing. Physician's Choice meets the mark in all these categories. According to the company each ashwagandha serving contains 4% withanolides, 1950MGs of organic ashwagandha root, and is made in an organic certified facility in the USA. 

This is assured through their manufacturing process, with their factory having gone through cGMP, UL, and Organic certification to ensure that they are creating the supplement properly and safely. Beyond this certification, you’ll also be able to rest easy because of the company’s use of third-party testing.

Each supplement is tested thoroughly to ensure that it works correctly and doesn't have any adverse effects. Physician's Choice is also part of Amazon's Transparency program, a program that gives transparency into each bottles individual journey, manufacturing date,  

Physicians Choice Ashwagandha Benefits

Stress and anxiety are the two main issues that this particular supplement targets, and it does an excellent job of making you feel like a weight has been taken off of your shoulders. Other effects that you may not notice include improved adrenal support and the prevention of adrenal fatigue onset.

What Others Say?

So what do other customers have to say about this particular supplement? You’ll find that the vast majority of buyers were impressed with this supplement and most of them liked how big the serving size is in comparison to other companies. The 1950 mg serving makes the effects more pronounced, according to others.

One of the few complaints that people have had about this product is that it helps with stress, but it doesn't help enough with those who have trouble sleeping. For example, one reviewer mentioned that this supplement wasn't enough of a sleeping aid to help them wean themselves off of Zoloft entirely.

Buying Advice

However, when you consider the price of this supplement, you’ll find that it’s one of the best deals in this entire category of products. Most would expect this supplement to fetch a higher price because of the increased potency, but you can still buy a bottle of 90 capsules for just a bit over 15 dollars.


Many will doubt the healing capabilities of ashwagandha, but if you haven't at least tried to use this medicinal herb, then we'd highly recommend giving it a shot.

While some other supplements may not work out, this product from Physician’s Choice is one of the best, and the improved potency results in a more noticeable effect than competing capsules. Feel free to leave us a comment down below and let us know what you think.

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