Gastric Acid And Problems Caused By It

Gastric Acid And Problems Caused By It

Gastric acid can do wonders for your body when the inner linings of your stomach can adequately protect the rest of your organs from making contact with this highly acidic content.

However, due to a number of genetic and lifestyle choices, you end up with too much acid in the stomach, so digestive issues such as acid reflux begin to develop.

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If you have experienced bloating, bloody stools, constant burping, or a burning sensation around your chest, then you run the risk of having acid reflux.

Keep on reading for a detailed look regarding acid reflux and the treatment options available to you.

What Is Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux affects around 30 percent of the overall Western population, so you can imagine how common a condition it must be. In America alone, about 60 million people endure acid reflux at a monthly rate, and less at a daily one.

If you have experienced something such as heartburn or acid indigestion, then you should know that those terms refer to the condition called acid reflux. It’s not something you should really worry about until the acid reflux starts occurring at frequent rates.

Many people who have acid reflux aren’t even aware of what they’re going up against. You’ll know you have acid reflux when the acidic content that’s resting in your stomach makes it way up to your esophagus.

The acid reflux can be so strong that the stomach content reaches your gullet. This is responsible for performing the swallowing motion when you try to move food down your mouth.

Once you figure out what heartburn actually means, you’ll realize that the heart has nothing to do with the matter whatsoever.

Signs And Symptoms Of Acid Reflux

Understanding the inner mechanisms of your stomach will help you comprehend the signs and symptoms pertaining to acid reflux. Your stomach is an acidic environment, and the reason for that is to help process food and to act as a barrier for your digestive system by targeting harmful bacteria.

Your stomach doesn't erode due to the acidic content stored in there because your stomach has a lining with unique features that protect it from the potent acid. However, when there is too much acid in stomach, what ends up happening is that it reaches your esophagus.

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The bad news is that your esophagus does not contain the same type of protection as your stomach does, so it is vulnerable when exposed to acidic stomach content. There is normally a valve called the gastroesophageal sphincter that allows food to enter your stomach but prevents it from coming back up.

Sometimes the valve can fail to perform its duty, so acidic stomach contents end up making contact with your esophagus. The pain you endure when the food makes its way back up is known as heartburn or acid reflux.

Those At Risk… 

Whenever you see the term acid reflux, usually the next one you’ll hear is gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as GERD for short.

Someone receives a GERD diagnosis when the symptoms of acid reflux pop up more than twice a week. Ultimately, those with too much stomach acid symptoms most likely have GERD.

You can't pinpoint a specific age bracket associated with GERD because it affects people of all ages. A majority of people who have GERD often do so because of their lifestyle choices. However, genetics do play a role in your chances of having this digestive issue, so you cannot totally prevent yourself from this condition.

For instance, those who are dealing with a hiatal hernia will find that GERB cannot be prevented. This hernia refers to a hole in your diaphragm, which pushes the top part of your stomach towards your chest cavity. The constant pressure applied to your stomach can lead to GERD.

There are more risk factors that you play a direct role in, so you can actively minimize your chances of developing GERD or acid reflux.

Risk Factors You Play A Role In:


Those who are obese should immediately make an active effort to lose weight because they have put themselves at great risk to develop acid reflux. Regardless of your age and gender, being obese has a direct negative impact on your digestive system.

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Smoking Tobacco

Whether you’re actively smoking or enduring secondhand smoke, you’ll want to put a stop to being surrounded by tobacco smoke because it greatly increases your chances of having acid reflux.

Not Exercising Enough

Those who don’t actively workout several times a week are at great risk to develop stomach acid issues because their metabolism doesn’t function at optimal levels. Exercising regularly usually keeps your metabolism in tip-top shape, but lacking to do so results in issues such as acid reflux and GERD.


You can approach trying to treat acid reflux in a variety of ways. These methods range from medications, to changing one’s lifestyle, to other natural herbal therapies.

As you can see from the risk factors presented above, there are steps toward treatment that you can take that largely depend on you positively changing your lifestyle. This would mean you have to set an acid reflux remedy that tackles your fitness regime, your diet, and personal well-being decisions.

When the symptoms of acid reflux are too strong, you can opt out to take medication. The two primary treatment options for those who constantly deal with acid reflux are H2 blockers and PPIs. These medications are both prescriptions drugs, so those who need an over the counter solution can rely on antacids.

If you want to take the natural medicine route, you should consider incorporating probiotic supplements to your daily life because they have been proven to enhance gut health.

How Probiotics Can Help You With It?

If you’re sick and tired of taking antibiotics for your gastrointestinal issues, then you will be happy to hear that probiotics are a natural solution and ideal therapy for those dealing with acid reflux.

Even though more research needs to be done regarding the effect probiotics have on treating acid reflux, the information that’s out there proves that this is a promising treatment.

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If you're unfamiliar with what probiotics do, let us fix that for you! Probiotics consist of bacteria that are beneficial for your GI tract, which keeps harmful bacteria from growing in colonies all throughout your digestive system. This includes your stomach lining, which is where the problem of acid reflux starts.

More importantly, probiotics can prevent illnesses from occurring because the detrimental bacteria no longer have room to populate throughout parts of your digestive system.

Probiotics can be found in a variety of forms. For example, you can consume probiotics in an edible form that includes yogurt or pickles. You could also opt out to consume probiotics in supplement form, which can be easier to take track of than eating food.

You can rest assured that probiotics will treat anyone with a stomach acid problem, especially if that problem is acid reflux.


Make sure to ask your physician what he or she thinks about your self-diagnosis and the opinion they have of your treatment options. Who knows, they might have a suggestion that works in your favor? Those who are pregnant or on medication need to think twice about using the acid reflux remedies we recommended above.

Once your doctor gives you the green light, you can start your probiotic supplement treatment, and you'll combat acid reflux in no-time.

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