Best Ashwagandha Supplement To Nourish Your Body

Best Ashwagandha Supplement To Nourish Your Body

As more people are becoming aware of the pharmaceutical drug crisis that has plagued America for several years, they are now asking their doctors for other options that won’t cause such a detrimental effect on their body.

If you are trying to stop taking drugs such as benzodiazepines, you already know how much of a struggle it will be because they are highly addictive.

Holding Ashwagandha

When you go to your doctor and ask for herbal medication that will diminish your need to take benzodiazepines to sleep, he or she will probably recommend a standard dose of an Ashwagandha supplement.

Ashwagandha is a plant whose extract can be used to support your nervous, immune, and endocrine system. Those who constantly feel moody and depressed have found that this supplement works in keeping their outlook on life in a positive light. These are only some of the benefits associated with taking Ashwagandha!

Our Recommendations

Whether you are looking to switch Ashwagandha supplement brands or have never taken it before, we have found five of the best Ashwagandha capsules for you to consider. Continue reading our reviews regarding the best Ashwagandha in the market so that you can finalize your decision.

Winner: Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract

Whether you have trouble sleeping or you seem moody all the time, the best ashwagandha powder to take is Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract. Some notable features:

  • Serving Size: 1950 milligrams
  • Capsule Amount: 90 capsules
  • Organic Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, Cellulose
  • Made in the USA

Even after you talk to your doctor about taking this supplement and they approve, we guarantee you that the brand your doctor recommends is Physician’s Choice.

Ashwagandha can do more than provide stress and anxiety relief; it can also provide thyroid and adrenal support. Most buyers feel the positive effects of the Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract take hold after three days of consuming the recommended dosage.

You'll find that this ashwagandha root is one of the most potent in the market, so make sure only to take the three veggie capsules once daily. The three veggie capsules will amount to a total of 1950 milligrams of pure Ashwagandha extract.

Sometimes those who have never taken Ashwagandha root extract before try taking one to two capsules at first.

The only three ingredients present in Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract are Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, and Cellulose. The cellulose is necessary since it this supplement comes in the form of a vegetable capsule.

Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract


With that information alone, it's safe to consider Physician's Choice as being the best ashwagandha brand since it uses no fillers or additives in its supplements.

The ashwagandha used it made from pure organic India ayurvedic herbs that will keep your body calm. Instead of using lubrication flow agents, these capsules come with black pepper to increase absorption.

If you’re picky about the dietary supplement you start to consume on a daily basis, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t have anything to worry about with Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract.

The Ashwagandha root is non-GMO, vegan safe, and contains fully organic ingredients.

Its organic ingredients are all made in the United States, in a facility that is FDA, GMP, and NSF certified. Physician's Choice uses HPLC testing, which is state of the art procedure for testing raw material, to test both the black pepper and raw Ashwagandha root powder extract.

The test is performed twice and then sent to a third party lab to ensure the potency, purity, and quality of the product. The extensive testing will show any sign of chemical coatings, preservatives, or other contaminants.

You won't find as high-quality ashwagandha as you will with Physician's Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract.

Runner-Up: NOW's Ashwagandha Extract

NOW Ashwagandha Review

Incorporating more dietary supplements into your daily life can be difficult because finding the right concentration of herbal extracts to consume can be a challenging task. Everyone has a unique reaction to taking Ashwagandha, so it’s best to start off taking low concentrations when it’s your first time.

  • Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly
  • Capsule Size: 450 milligrams
  • Serving Size: Take one capsule (2 or 3 times daily) 
  • 90 Capsules per Bottle
  • Provides Immune Support

NOW’s Ashwagandha Extract is the best ashwagandha capsules to consume because each capsule contains 450 milligrams, which is mostly the Ashwagandha root extract. The standard dosage for these supplements is between 300 to 500 milligrams, so you’ll be hitting the target range by taking the NOW capsules.

The issues many people have with Ashwagandha brands is that they don’t mention the total concentration of withanolides present in each serving. Thankfully, NOW makes it a priority to make sure you know every single aspect of the supplement you consume.

When you are aware of the withanolide percentage, you can use it as a foundation to help you figure out which concentration works optimally with your body. Some people need Ashwagandha with a higher amount of withanolides than others.

NOW Ashwagandha Extract


NOW’s Ashwagandha Extract lists the exact percentage and composition of withanolide, which is the active ingredient of Ashwagandha. This supplement contains 2.5 percent of withanolides which measures up to 11 milligrams.

Keep in mind that NOW is half the price of our winner because it uses lubrication flow agents in the form of magnesium stearate, which isn't the most high-end option out there.

You shouldn't be surprised to find out that NOW's Ashwagandha Extract uses some low-end ingredients because it costs less than $10 for 90 capsules.

NOW has hired a team of top-notch technicians that use NOW laboratories, which contain the newest analytical instruments, to complete their research. They use these instruments to perform over 16,000 tests on every single supplement that NOW produces and sells.

In NOW in-house laboratories, they test raw materials, ingredient samples, as well as finished products. The NOW technicians are expected to achieve a level of quality that ensures that NOW’s Ashwagandha Extract is the best quality ashwagandha out there.

Alternative: Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root

Gaiga Herbs Ashwaganda Review

Gaia Herbs has gained quite the reputation for producing the best rated ashwagandha currently available on the supplement market. The brand wanted to expand into producing adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, which help to nourish your nervous system along with your immune system.

  • Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly
  • Capsule Size: 450 milligrams
  • Serving Size: Take one capsule (2 or 3 times daily) 
  • 90 Capsules per Bottle
  • Provides Immune Support

When you start to take Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root every day, you’ll notice that it revitalizes all your body’s systems by normalizing your mood, energy levels, as well as your general immune function. One capsule of Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root has the dry herb equivalent of 2,700 milligrams.

In each capsule, there also is 183 milligrams of organically harvested Ashwagandha root extract, and 167 milligrams of the ecologically harvested version. The level of active withanolides will stay 2.5 milligrams, which is a standard amount.

Out of all the supplements, you will try, we assure you that Gaia Ashwagandha Root will dissolve the quickest in your body. This is because each of these capsules consists of Liquid Phyto-Cap, which offers a dense liquid extract in the confines of a fast-dissolving capsule.

Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root


In fact, this capsule will disintegrate 10 to 12 minutes after you swallow it, which is good news for those who are taking Gaia Ashwagandha Root for sleeping purposes.

Those who have dealt with the gastric side effects of Ashwagandha root extract before can say goodbye to your worries. The liquid extract you’ll find the Gaia Ashwagandha Root available in means that it is extremely easy for your body to absorb and contains highly potent liquid.

The capsules are entirely alcohol-free, so you know you are taking the best ashwagandha you can get your hands on.

If any of you are vegetarians, Gaia Ashwagandha Root is a supplement for you since it is 100 percent vegetarian, dairy free, and contains no-gluten whatsoever. The entire capsule is plant-derived and won't cause any harm to your digestive tract.

2nd Alternative: Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha Havasu Review

Some supplements claim to boost your energy levels naturally, but end up exposing you to drugs that give you a short-term energy boost until you crash again from exhaustion.

It's a shame to see some Ashwagandha root manufacturers sell people capsules that contain ingredients that provide a short-lived solution to a problem that requires a long-term one.

  • Capsules per Bottle: 90 count
  • Serving Size: 2 Capsules (1000 milligrams of Ashwagandha root extract)
  • Comes with Artichoke Extract
  • Contains no chemicals, caffeine, sugar, or preservatives
  • Made in the USA
  • 60-Day: Money Back Guarantee

With Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha, you'll have a supplement that will show the benefits it's doing to your body after a couple of days of taking it. This is because this Ashwagandha contains no chemicals, sugars, or preservatives that would only ruin the effectiveness of the supplement.

Since Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha comes with no stimulates, you don’t have to worry about experiencing drowsiness as a side effect, unless you take it for sleeping purposes.

The lack of caffeine present in the capsule only further proves the fact that Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha is a long-term supplement.

A previous reviewed ashwagandha root extract capsule also came with black pepper, which is supposed to help your body absorb the root faster. Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha thought along the same lines but switched up the composition to include artichoke extract instead.

This concentrated form of Artichoke extract can not only help promote high absorption levels, but it serves to function as a digestive aid.

One serving of Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha translates to 2 capsules, which contains a total of 1000 milligrams of Ashwagandha root extract.

Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha


The total amount of Artichoke extract is 100 milligrams. All you need to do is take two capsules daily. Some people say that taking it before a meal is the best way to consume it.

If you find that this high-quality ashwagandha does not work for you, it might be your body rejecting the artichoke extract. You'll have to find another Ashwagandha root extract that doesn't have any additional extracts meant to alleviate digestive pain.

Havasu Nutrition is another manufacturer that prides itself on their high-quality facilities where they test and manufacture its Premium Ashwagandha capsules. All the Navasu Nutrition products are made in the USA, and the facilities where they are made adhere to the expectations set by GMP and the FDA.

Havasu Nutrition has a testing system in motion includes everything from testing the raw materials all the way to the finished product.

Testing for the presence of chemicals and heavy metals, tests authenticating the purity of the supplement, to pinpointing the exact concentration of each capsule. These precautions ensure that it is absolutely safe for you to take the Havasu Nutrition Premium Ashwagandha capsule.

Havasu Nutrition isn’t afraid to ask other laboratories for help, which is why they get their products tested in a third party lab. These labs validate the potency of the batch. The best ashwagandha supplement will have gone through many rounds of testing before it reaches your shelf.

3rd Alternative: Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha

Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha Review

A majority of Ashwagandha manufacturers tend to get creative with the supplement production process. They add other plant extracts that are supposed to decrease the common side effects of Ashwagandha, but not everyone can consume these plant extracts.

  • Capsules per Bottle: 120 capsules
  • Serving Size: One Capsule (500 milligrams)
  • Tested by Third Party Laboratories
  • GMO-Free

Those who need Ashwagandha in a pure form in which there are no additional plant extracts present, you should consider purchasing Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha. The Ashwagandha that Pure Encapsulations uses is native to India and North Africa, and that will be the only plant extract present.

The suppliers that Pure Encapsulations use as a source of raw material meets all of its rigorous testing and quality control. Before a final product leaves its warehouse, it is independently tested for both purity and potency.

One capsule of the Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha contains 500 milligrams of Ashwagandha root extract that is standardized to consist of a 2.5 percent composition of withanolides. The two-piece capsule this best rated ashwagandha comes in is vegetarian and hypoallergenic.

Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha


This explains the two other ingredients of the Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha, which are cellulose and water.

The best ashwagandha in regards to purity is hands down the Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha. This is because one capsule of Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha adheres to each of the following rules: 

  • No Coatings
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Colors
  • No Magnesium Stearate
  • No Hydrogenated Fat
  • No Gluten
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy

As you can see, if you have any dietary restriction, you can work your way around it when you take the Pure Encapsulations Ashwagandha. Most buyers who swear by this Ashwagandha all have tried several different brands before sticking to the straightforward formula that Pure Encapsulations provides.

Ashwagandha comes from the Sanskrit language and is, in fact, a combination of two words in Sanskrit.

The first word would be "ashva" which translates to "horse," and the other word is "gandha" which translates to "smell." The strong horse-like aroma attached to the Ashwagandha plant explains the reason for its name.

In different medicines, such as Unani, Ayurvedic, and Indian, people use the term “Indian ginseng” to describe Ashwagandha. Ayurvedic medicine is responsible for naming it Indian Ginseng. You can find that this plant is native to dry regions of Nepal and India, while the cultivation occurs in India.

The scientific name of Ashwagandha is Withania Somnifera, which lets the scientist known that the plant comes from a nightshade family. When translated to Latin, Somnifera means sleep-inducing, which is one of the many features that Ashwagandha is known for.

Some areas in Australia grow Withania, but over there it is referred to the name poison gooseberry or winter cherry. Two different plants are called winter cherry, one refers to the Ashwagandha, and the other is Chinese Lantern.

Other than being present in Indian medicine, Ashwagandha is also seen in traditional African medicine, since it is also grown in parts of Africa.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Ashwagandha Supplement

Ingredients Beside Ashwagandha

When you take a look at the ingredient list of the Ashwagandha capsules that have caught your eye, there are some ingredients you should check for.

Ingredients On Ashwagandha Supplement Bottle

If the capsules have any additives, excipients, or fillers, you will have to keep on looking for another brand. A lot of brands use lubrication flow agents such as magnesium stearate, which simply reduces the production cost of the capsules.

The presence of these ingredients means that you are consuming a subpar version of Ashwagandha root.

The production process used by the manufacturer determines the quality of the herb. A manufacturer who produces the plant in a certified organic matter and goes above and beyond to adhere to the traditional Ayurvedic practice is your best bet for consuming top tier Ashwagandha.

A high-end Ashwagandha manufacturer will selectively use live organic herbs, use organic fertile soil, and make use of the healthy parts of the herb to ensure all the benefits it has to offer are present.

Some generic forms of Ashwagandha can be as effective as patented forms. The quality of the ingredients can only go so far because the composition of the ingredients will impact whether or not your body puts these pills to good use.

Number Of Capsules  

The standard bottle of Ashwagandha can have anywhere from 60 to 120 capsules. The number of capsules you’ll need depends on the supplement dosage you wish to follow. If you require large doses of Ashwagandha, then capsules that have a higher concentration of the root extract will be of good use for you.

Most brands advertise how many days you’ll be taking ashwagandha if you adhere to their serving suggestion. You will have enough Ashwagandha for at least a month with a bottle that comes with 90 to 120 capsules.

Is It FDA Approved?

Even though the FDA does regulate herbal supplements, it is not the same scrutiny as food and drugs endure. Herbal supplements, such as Ashwagandha, fall under the dietary supplement category, which means that manufacturers do not have to acquire FDA approval prior to selling their product.

The FDA does have a responsibility for monitoring the dietary supplements that are available on the market. While it's testing the supplement, if the FDA deems it unsafe, action will be taken to remove it.

Regulations that Ashwagandha supplement manufacturers need to follow include: it maintains certain quality standards, and that the label provides all the relevant information regarding its supplement.

Information On Label

  • Herbal Supplement Name
  • Both the address and name of the manufacturer
  • Thorough Ingredients List

However, there are patented versions of Ashwagandha that have taken the herbal supplement market by storm.

These patented supplements use clinically-tested Ashwagandha extracts and rely on data that backs up their claims as a source of its medical benefits. Some brands consult doctors, so they know that the supplement offers true medicinal benefits.

Word Of Advice

The lack of FDA regulation on dietary supplements means that you should not consume Ashwagandha without the supervision of a doctor. This particular health supplement has active ingredients that can react strongly to your body.

Those who are taking other over the counter medication should refrain from consuming Ashwagandha before speaking to your doctor.


The next best thing you could rely on is the reviews of the best Ashwagandha supplements you'll find online. If you have a specific problem that you wish the Ashwagandha to address, keep a lookout for reviews regarding buyers who used the supplement for the same reasons as you, and whether or not it worked.

Holding Ashwagandha Supplements


Hopefully, you can readily answer the question, "Which ashwagandha to buy?" Both the brand and the type of Ashwagandha used plays a massive role in the potency and effectiveness of the product.

Based on the information above, you should make a list that specifies the features of your ideal Ashwagandha supplement and manufacturer. You can then continue finding the best Ashwagandha for your needs.

We hope that our winner, the Physician’s Choice Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder Extract will get the job done.

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