aSquared Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement Review

aSquared Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar

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120 capsules / 625 mg


Support digestive health, boost metabolism


Some users reported stomach ache.


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You always have to be careful with what you're putting into your body, so it makes a lot of sense to put intensive research into the supplements that you plan on using. Even the most benign of supplements could contain synthetic ingredients and things that may also be toxic.

As you can see, it makes sense to take care when you’re buying supplements, but many of us just don’t have the time to do the in-depth research that’s needed. That’s where we come in, as we can review supplements and let you know what to expect from them, just like we’re about to do with aSquared Nutrition’s apple cider vinegar supplement.

You’ll find a wide range of reasons to use apple cider vinegar, and they range from simply improving your body’s overall functioning to helping promote weight loss. Of course, the exact benefits will depend on the kind of apple cider vinegar and whether or not it’s been sourced from 100% natural apples.

In our review, we'll cover all of the necessary details for potential buyers, and we'll let you know about our experience with the supplement. However, before discussing the product, we want to bring up two aspects that you'll have to keep in mind when you're buying your apple cider vinegar supplements.


When it comes to apple cider vinegar, the main reason that people prefer to take supplements instead of drinking it straight is because of the taste, and you don't want any of it in the capsules. The best apple cider vinegar supplements will be flavorless or will have a taste that is barely noticeable.

aSquared Nutrition Apple Cider Review

Keep in mind that the flavor of your apple cider vinegar supplement will also depend on how long you keep the capsule in your mouth. As the pill starts to dissolve, you'll begin to taste the ingredients. Don't pop the supplement until you have your water and you're ready to swallow it right away for the least flavor.

Capsule Composition

This matter is somewhat related to the flavor in that the capsule can affect the taste of the pill, but it will be more critical to determine how fast the supplement starts acting. Some capsules will be made of gel so that they can dissolve within minutes of being ingested while others will have to be digested first.

There's also the matter of what your capsule is made of, as some will be manufactured using animal products.

Thankfully, a lot of pills that are used for supplements like apple cider vinegar tend to be made out of vegan ingredients. This has the benefit of reducing human suffering but also reducing carbon emissions because of lower livestock demand.

The Product


This apple cider vinegar supplement from aSquared Nutrition is even more powerful than other extra-strength capsules on the market. While most other potent apple cider vinegar supplements will contain a dosage of 500 mg per tablet, you'll get 625 mg in each pill with this particular product.


The larger dosage of apple cider vinegar in this supplement makes the effects more apparent, and there is a range of benefits that we enjoyed while testing out this product. First off, we noticed that there was no digestive distress or acid reflux, which can be a common side effect of apple cider vinegar.

In fact, we noticed that we had less indigestion while we were on this supplement, with trips to the bathroom become more regular. On a somewhat related note, this supplement also acted as a cleanser, clearing the body of toxins and resulting in more energy over the course of the two months.

Thanks to the natural, non-GMO ingredients, you can also rest assured that this supplement doesn’t contain any additional synthetics. The capsules are made out of vegetable-based cellulose, ensuring that they will release the apple cider vinegar reliably without having to rely on animal products.

Benefits Of Apple Cider

In the domain of weight loss, these pills helped reduce cravings and resulted in an improvement of about two pounds per week. Keep in mind that we reached a weight loss goal of two pounds per week without having to modify exercise routines or diets so that you can improve that rate even further.

You’ll also benefit from superior value for money, as you get enough capsules for two months as opposed to the typical month’s supply you’ll get from other manufacturers.

What Others Say?

We’ll also be presenting what other customers have to say about this product, as it will give you a better idea of what to expect if you order it.

Many customers mentioned that the extra-strength formula resulted in pills that had a more pronounced effect than competitors that they had tried out. Others also brought up the convenience of having to take only two capsules per day instead of three or four, as with other kinds of supplements.

Unfortunately, some customers were not impressed with this supplement. Some mentioned that liquid apple cider vinegar worked better when it came to suppressing appetite. Other customers said that the capsules have a bit of a vinegar smell and taste to them.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for the most affordable apple cider vinegar supplement, this is likely one of your best options. While most other brands will offer a month’s supply for the same price, you can get 120 capsules (enough for two months) for only 23 dollars, providing you with excellent value.


In the domain of extra-strength apple cider vinegar supplements, there aren’t many capsules that can hope to match the potency of these from aSquared Nutrition. Let us know about your experiences with this product or other kinds of apple cider vinegar in the comments down below.

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